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Unfortunately, only for activists in the U.S.

This action alert was directly taken from The Fund for Animals sample letter here. This should be sent to your US representative, whose contact information can be found at House.gov.

Subject: Please cosponsor HR 3446
As your constituent, I strongly urge you to cosponsor the bipartisan Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act (HR 3446), sponsored by Congressmen Hinchey and Bass. The Yellowstone buffalo are the only wild, free-roaming buffalo in the U.S. who have never been out of contact with their native habitat. The Yellowstone buffalo are the last living link to the millions of buffalo who once covered the western plains.

But Yellowstone buffalo are now subject to hazing, capture, and slaughter when they leave Yellowstone to forage in the winter because of an alleged threat of disease transmission to cows grazing on public lands adjacent to the park. Such disease transmission has never been documented in the wild. Taxpayers are forced to underwrite the $1.7 million annual cost of this ill-conceived and unscientific plan.

Only 400 cows graze on the disputed public land west and north of Yellowstone. The Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act eliminates cruel hazing, capture, and slaughter of buffalo and encourages simple, non-lethal management solutions to ensure that cows are not grazed outside Yellowstone where buffalo may be leaving the park. Please support scientific wildlife management by cosponsoring HR 3446, the Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act.


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