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Animal Rights Action Alerts

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[disclaimer: in progress]

ar_actionalerts is a community to aid activists with writing letters to promote animal rights. This form of activism is commonly referred to as "action alerts." For example, an action alert may entail sending an email to a university, asking them to discontinue the unnecessary use of wild animals as their mascot.

This form of activism is easy and effective. It's easy because you can do it any time you have access to a computer and it doesn't take much time. Action alerts are effective because you can't just expect change to come about on its own: you have to cause it directly, or at least set the wheels in motion. Corporations and government entities care about what their consumers and constituents think and how they feel, because it's their job to serve us. They also care about their reputation. Also, most groups consider one letter or email to be representative of a population of around one hundred people who all feel the same way, but didn't bother doing anything about it. In their eyes, you are not just one person, but rather one of many who chooses to speak out. You do make a difference.

Participating in action alerts is ideal for those who wish to supplement or substitute for other forms of activism, such as boycotting, demonstrating, protesting, and outreach.

Therefore, this LiveJournal community exists as a tool to help animal rights activists to embrace this form of activism, by supplying sample letters and other helpful resources and information.

The rules for the community are as follows:
1 - Anyone can join and/or watch, but posts will be moderated to ensure a productive and positive atmosphere.
2 - All discussions must be on-topic (in other words, pertaining to action alerts and writing letters, that concern animal rights). Conversations about vegetarianism can be conducted in communities like vegetarian, about animal rights in animal_rights, etc.
3 - No debates, please. Users who elect to be part of the community do so because of their already-established belief in advocating for the rights of animals. Philosophising has its own place, and might hinder our objectives.
4 - Sample letter submissions should include an email address to send the message to, a subject, and the body text. They should also be consistent with this Guide to Letter-Writing. (The gist of it is: polite, concise, and brief!) Form letters are okay; the person(s) reading it will be more concerned with the overwhelming amount of response to the issue rather than the quality of your prose (but don't do a total crap job, either).
5 - The rules may be changed at any time.

Websites with animal rights action alerts (not a definitive list!):
PETA Action Alerts
The Fund for Animals Action Center
National Wildlife Federation
Animals' Voice's list of action alerts websites

Sites of interest:
FREE Vegetarian Starter Kit

The moderator of this community is dichotomise.